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Sustainable Printing Practices.

At Alpha Printing, when you print with us, you can choose whether your paper comes from a sustainable source, we guarantee the waste won’t end up in a landfill. Alpha Printing wants to make a difference, instead of simply following standard industry practice.

What we recycle

Paper Waste

Paper waste is inevitable for a printing company, but we want to ensure the majority of our unused white paper is usually first generation paper, which means it can be recycled multiple times.

Metal Plates

Our metal plates are recycled after use; this eliminates the need to use chemicals to wash up.

Plastic Waste

We separate and recycle all of our plastic waste. Even the shrink wrap removed from our printing pallets is salvaged. Our plastic waste is collected by a trusted recycler; we prefer that nothing is placed in landfill.

Sustainability in our processes

Recycling has become a standard industry practice and we want to continue to make a difference in every step of our process.


Where possible our ink is soy bean-based, and the few chemicals we use are all water-based.

Paper from Managed Forests

Where possible, we use Managed Forests for our paper supply. Managed Forests are cultivated specifically for paper milling. Using this supplier means our carbon footprint is small, wildlife is protected, and we are promoting Australian employment.

Automated Printing Machinery

Our modern and computer-automated printing machinery means we can control the print production, reducing our ink and paper waste. We’re completing printing jobs faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Reduced Water Usage

Over the years, we’ve reduced our water usage significantly. In fact, there is more water used in a toilet than there is in our manufacturing process.

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